Saturday, May 19, 2012

When It Comes About Both of You

Mother ,
You never believe when I say you're one of the prettiest woman on this earth .
But trust me , I have a good taste .

Father ,
People always thought that you're so fierce.
No , physically you might look like that but no , you're so kind hearted .

Mother & Father 
People always tell me how their parents treat them . Some are good and some are bad . But I have that faith that you're the most suitable person to be my parents.
I realise how hard you've been working to raise me and my other siblings,
That makes me feel so lucky to have a man like you in my life .

Mother ,
You somehow mad at me .
Sometimes it's really my fault and some not .
But I know , those words came from your lovely heart  .

You'll be forever be my best MAMA & AYAH .

Mother & Father ,
People said that if any children make mistakes ,
Their parents don't know how to teach their child .
But I would say it is never ever your fault everytime I make a mistake .

Father ,
I know you somehow would wonder if you're good father to us.
Trust me , you've been awesome all this while .

Mother ,
I know we had small arguement sometimes ,
But I didn't mean to hurt you . The arguement makes me appreciate you more .

Mother & Father ,
I never forget the way you took care of me ,
Infact , you are still taking care of us very carefully .

Mother & Father ,
No words can desribe your sacrifice and love .
The love you give us is so real and Alhamdulillah I really thank god for being your daughter .

Mother & Father ,
No  , We'll be there for each other right now untill in  hereafter. In paradise .
InsyaAllah . I wont . I won't stop praying for that .