Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sepupuku Suamiku by Lynn Allyna

Sepupuku Suamiku is one of the novels that was listed in my 'novels to buy list'. And once I saw it, I didn't hesitate to buy it. My books, my policy is, 'Once you saw it, like it, BUY IT!' LOL! I never think twice when it comes to books which is quiet a hazard to my financial status.. haha! 

Okay, back to this novel - Sepupuku Suamiku or the English version would be 'My Cousin, My Husband'. Nice title I gotta say and yes, this would be the 4th novel of an arranged marriage I read after Jodoh atau Cinta, Rindu Tercipta and 2 x 5. I guess now that's the way novel story goes nowdays.

Nana, who was in love with her own cousin, Hisyam was heartbroken when she found out that her 'beloved' was engaged to another woman, Hani.
 But 2 weeks before the wedding, Hani decided to break off the engagement without any explanation and left. Hisyam's mother (also Nana's aunt) suggested that Nana replaced Hani's place. Nana was excited and happy - all roll into 1. I mean, who doesn't? If you finally got the chance to be with someone you love, I'm sure you wouldn't let go of that chance. 

And who says love after marriage is not as wonderful as love before marriage? Well, I wouldn't know but in this novel, anything is possible. Nana and Hisyam were happy together.
 But then it doesn't end there. Gosh! It would make a very thin novel if that's it, right? Oh no, it ain't that simple. 

In the middle of their new found love (Hisyam and Nana), Hani came back and regreting her action in leaving Hisyam. She tried every possible way to win Hisyam's love back but unfortunately, Hisyam's love is now only for Nana.
 Anger, hurt, jealousy and revenge made Hani did the unthinkable. She hired people to hurt Nana by running her over with a car and when that failed, she confronted Nana, saying that she (Hani) didn't mind being Hisyam's second wife.

Nana was devastated knowing that another woman loving his husband and due to her unstable emotion, she lost her first pregnancy.
 Nana started to lose her trust in Hisyam and returned to her parents' home to recuperate while Hani was thinking another way to make Hisyam hers. She managed to trap Hisyam when they were found together in Hani's home - khalawat. Hisyam explained that he was being set up by Hani and Nana was torn between believing her husband and believing Hani. But when Hani told Nana that she was pregnant with Hisyam's baby, Nana was deeply shattered. Hisyam was forced to marry Hani to save the family name and Nana asked for divorce. 

Eventhough they were no longer husband and wife, Hisyam still care for Nana and vice verse. That's true love I guess. Hani was even more revengeful when she found out that Hisyam was still seeing Nana and care less for her.
 Hisyam who was suspicious of Hani decided to spy on her one day. He found out that Hani had planned for Nana's death. Everything was laid out in the open then. Hani's pregnancy was a fake and Hisyam divorced her on the spot. 

What happened after that? Hmmm... Hisyam managed to save Nana from the crime attempted upon her and after some times, Nana accepted Hisyam's proposal again. Hani? Somehow, she got caught and was admitted to the hospital due to mental instability.

The novel has an happy ending, that's for sure but after reading it, it made me realized something. Love obsession. I know most people out there who are in love with someone would be obsessed with that person (whether the love is reciprocated or not) but on which level of obsession? In this novel, Hani was obsessed with her love for Hisyam that she attempted all those way (all are evil ways) to win her love.

Does it worth it? 

I learnt years ago that, loving someone doesn't mean that someone will love you back. And I believe that if that someone comes back to you one day, then it is meant to be. 
Or maybe I never truly love someone before that I don't feel that obsession. Hmmm... *one of the things to wonder about* 

Anyway, I gave Sepupuku Suamiku, 8.5 out of 10 ;)